Hayduke Trail – Day 0

Hayduke Trail – Day 0

Overview of the trail:

Unlike the name suggests, the Hayduke Trail is not actually a trail, it is an 800-mile route from Arches NP, down to the Grand Canyon NP and then up to Zion NP. The majority of it is cross-country travel, with the use of jeep roads and the occasional path.

The route vaguely follows the Colorado River from Arches to the Grand Canyon, winding its way through the washes and slot canyons of Canyonlands NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Grand Staircase NM and numerous other wilderness areas. It then leaves the Grand Canyon and heads north to Zion.

It is, however, a challenging trail. Some of the challenges I will face include extended water carries, class 3 and 4 scrambling on slick rock, pinpoint navigation to find the right wash and long resupplies all while travelling off trail.

I’m looking forward to it!

What happened between trails:

I stayed at the hostel in Moab last night after the long and arduous journey here on public transport.
First, the walk from Roads End to Kersarge Pass. Then a hitch into town and another hitch into Bishop. Here I stayed the night at the hostel. I then had the long section: a 6hr bus ride to Reno and an overnight train to Salt Lake. I had ment to catch another bus from there to Moab but funding was discontinued so the link was not running. I, therefore, hitched the 300 or so miles to Moab.
Once there I bought supplies for the upcoming legs, printed maps and cauht up on missing sleep.

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