Pacific Crest Trail – Day 100 (35 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 100 (35 miles)

Getting up, I started climbing into the hills. The wind was bitter cold this morning, but it has blown the smoke from the fires away! I might be able to see the mountains today!

As I climbed the trees disappeared and an exquisite view of the surrounding mountains opened up before me. Just before the top I ran into @kinesthetickevin, a guy who is going for his triple crown this year. We walked and talked, although we did not get very far due to the amount of photos we were taking. It turns out that he lives a pretty amazing lifestyle; he spends the northern summer as a guide in Alaska and the southern summer working in Antarctica. I want to get in on that!

We went over Cutthroat Pass and then traversed the side of a steep mountain to Granite Pass. Here I said goodbye. He took a break and I descended into the valley. The views were still gorgeous, with every surrounding peak having a granite spire on top.

Eventually, I arrived at the last water source for 10 miles. I stopped and took an extended break.

I pressed on. I wanted to get passed Hearts Pass tonight so I can arrive at the Canadian Border early tomorrow.

I climbed up through the trees and then started the switchbacks up to the last pass of the day. It was one of those climbs that just did not seem to end. I could see the pass, but I could not tell if I was getting closer.
Eventually I arrived and started to traverse the mountains. Gradually going down until I arrived at Hearts Pass and the Ranger Station. For the next hour my mind was not focused on the present. I was thinking about the Canadian Border the end of this hike.

About 30 minutes from the pass my mind switched from Canada to how hungry I was. I was on a steep traverse and decided to push on to the pass and have an early dinner.

As I got closer the need for food overwhelmed me, but I arrived at Hearts Pass and eat a much needed dinner.

After filling my belly, I pushed on only a few hundred yards to water. There I drank and talked to a section hiker doing the same. After consuming almost 2L of water, I started the climb for camp. I arrived just as night was setting in.

Canada tomorrow!

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