Pacific Crest Trail – Day 101 (33 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 101 (33 miles)

I’ve finished! I’ve walked 2,650 miles from Mexican to Canada along the PCT!

And what an amazing, challenging journey this has been.
Making it through the Sierras after having an extreme snow level of 213% above average was my biggest goal. It was 650 miles of slow, difficult and mentally draining terrain, but I made it through the winter wonderland! And it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

After the snow left the temperatures skyrocketed and the hiking turned into battling 115F (45C) heatwaves and so many bushfires.

What’s next? I’ll be heading back to the Sierras to see it without snow on the Sierra High Route. Then off to the desert to hike the challenging 800 mile (1300km) Hayduke Trail and the 800 mile Arizona Trail before winter sets in.

Then the big ones:

I’d like to announce that I’ll be Thru Hiking the 2,200 mile (3,500km) Appalachian Trail this winter. Leaving January 1st, I’ll be heading north and plan to be standing on top of Mount Katahdin in late April. This won’t be easy, but should provide the oppotunity for another challenging adventure.

I will then be completing the 3,100 mile (5,000km) Continental Divide Trail that runs from Mexico to Canada along the Rocky Mountains.

Now for the appreciation, with the following people helping to make this journey possible:
My Brother, Doug, who posted my journey to Instagram.
Wolf (@connorgoesbananas), who made it through the Sierras with me.
Big Ups, who is looking after all my gear.
String Bean, who housed and distracted me for 2 weeks when I was off trail.
Yeah Yeah (@Yeayeahhh) who came to pick me up from the boarder.
My family.
@Thunderboltsportswear for providing me with some amazing clothing. My Marino T-shirt is still going strong! You should check them out when. You are in need of technical clothing that also looks great.
The @pctassociation
My hiking gear that held up so well from @enlightenedequipment@mountainlaureldesigns and @inov_8
Every trail angel and hiker I’ve met along the way.
A special mention goes out to the 5 hikers who have died on the PCT this season.

And thank you all for following along on this journey!

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