Pacific Crest Trail – Day 57 (33 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 57 (33 miles)

Today marks the end of the high elevation of the Sierra Range. I will be plunging down to Sierra City (a small town of about 15 houses) to 4500ft (1350m). I have a box of random hiking things such as spare tent pegs that I post ahead of myself every few weeks. For some reason, I posted it to Sierra City that has post office hours of 10-2 weekdays.

Last night I decided to get up early and walk the 25.5 miles (41km) into town before it closes. This would give me time to get there, sort through the box for what I need and then post it on.

However, I forgot to set my alarm so I woke up just after 5 am. Annoyed, and thinking I did not have enough time to get there now I was not proactive about getting out of bed.

Eventually, I get up and hit the trail.

After only a mile or so I run into Big Horn and @alexamshapiro sitting in their tent. I walked with them for a while in the desert and also kept seeing them at randomly on the trail.

After speaking with them for 20 minutes, Big Horn announces that I still had time to get to the Post Office before it closes. It would be only 4.25mi/hr. He said to run the downhills and you’ll get there in time.

I thought why not and took off.

I worked out a sequence quickly. I ran the downhill and about 5 min on 10 min off on the flat ground.
I made excellent time! At 10 am I had 13 miles to go. I did fall once when my back foot court the top of a rock, but other than that things went great. In fact, I really enjoyed this approach to hiking. Maybe I can incorporate it into this trip occasionally?

I crossed a road and a bridge, out of the corner of my eye I saw @nikfredpct. Bothers who I also met in the desert. I stopped, had some food and water while listening to what they ended up doing since I last saw them on the cusp of the Sierra. They went through but, unlike me, had the right pace to miss the worst of the creek crossings.

I pressed on and was starting to get tired. Fortunately, I was in a position I could walk and still get my post in time. I did run a couple of the long downs.  arrived at the highway into town at 12.30. It was an extra 1.5 miles into town. I began to walk but stuck my thumb out hoping for a lift.  About halfway a car pulled over.

I made it!

I then went about eating as much as I could, and resupply ingredients for the next leg. The roll I got was both huge and tasty, but the resupply was the worst on the trail so far. The General Store was empty so I ended up with chips, Oreos and the like for the next few days.

I felt surprisingly good after this morning’s run so I hit the trail again.

It was a long climb up to the ridge but the views of the sunset were spectacular.
It was a great day, a different day that I hope to duplicate in the future.

My muscles and joints are a bit tired as I lay in bed writing this. Hopefully, they will recover for tomorrow.

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