Pacific Crest Trail – Day 58 (34 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 58 (34 miles)

I woke up at 4 am. There were three guys sitting near me chatting away excitedly. They did not know I was here. They were apologetic when I informed them.

I went back to sleep.

I left camp at 6 am. Within a couple of miles, I was waved over to a van. Old School, a 2016 Thru Hiker was making pancakes. I graciously accepted the offer but did not stay long. It was early and I wanted to walk.

This turned out to be a great decision as I got my first awesome bear sighting. There was a mother and two cubs smashing a log apart, and they did not know I was there. I watched for a few minutes and then let them know I was around. The mother looked up confused for a few seconds. She then sprinted right; the cubs, a second later, went left straight up trees.
I was unsure of what to do now but ended up strolling through before the mother came back. What a great sighting.

The rest of the day was more normal. There were a couple of snow patches this morning, they were icy but because of their lack of size was more of a novelty.

This part of the trail was a roller coaster – 1000ft (300m) and then back down. I wanted to push a pit further so I could get to Chester late on the 4th day rather than in the morning.

The water in this section was also superb, and I spent the day walking from one spring to the next.

As the day drew on, I began to feel tired. I stopped and took a log break and nap under a tree.

When I got going again, I straight away ran into another trail angle. I did not particularly want to stop but they were nice and had not seen a hiker all day. I ate a second afternoon tea with them. After an hour of chatting, I discovered that their son hiked the AT last year and they wanted to help other hikers like him.

I said goodbye and made my way back onto the trail. I wanted to walk another 9 miles to a spring before setting up camp.
About 7 miles in I ran into a Danish couple, I began talking to them and before I knew it the sun was setting. I guess this is where I will be camping tonight.

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