Pacific Crest Trail – Day 61 (31 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 61 (31 miles)

For once I woke up without the sound of birds. They are usually so vocal at dawn and have been by an alarm clock for the last 300 miles.

It was slightly later than I usually get up, so I packed quickly and hit the trail.

I had a couple of miles of climbing and then it would be mostly down hill. Not just downhill for today but for the next 100 miles, until I pass Hat Creek Rim, the terrain will be easy and the water stretches long.

The day was pleasant. The heat wave that reached its peak yesterday has abated and in its place remains temperatures around the high 70s (26) and a cooling wind.

I put on a podcast about the Cold War. It delved into the decision making of each of the main players rather than a strict event interpretation of what happened. It was exceedingly interesting, and I got hooked on it for the 5 hours duration.

Shortly after it finished, I arrived at the halfway point of the PCT. I am halfway to Canada! It has been a challenging experience so far. The desert was so much fun and I not only learnt so much in the Sierra but saw some of the most magnificent views of my life there.

I also reflected on having to turn back just north of Tuolumne and then having one of the best sections of hiking through it when I went back.

Hopefully, this trip continues in the same way. I’ll be ecstatic if it does.

With a few miles to go, I notice someone on a phone. I turn mine on and have a few bars. I call home and chat while I walk. We started to make tentative plans for my mother to come over for a am few weeks in December.

I arrive at the road and say goodbye. Then start trying to hitch into town. I was having no luck until a woman waiting in the shade decided to help and stuck out her hand. The second car pulled over!
I got plenty of food from the supermarket. Not just for my next leg but for tomorrow as I’ll be staying in the Cabin that I spent my break in a few weeks ago.
I hitch out there and run into the people staying next door. They ask if I would like to come over for a drink. I accept their offer and spend a few hours with them before sleep overcomes me.

Half way to Canada!

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