Pacific Crest Trail – Day 65 (33 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 65 (33 miles)

I woke up at Burney Falls SP just before 6 am not feeling well. I rolled over and went back to sleep. This second effort only lasted for 30 minutes, so I got up and organised and repackaged my food resupply from yesterday.

Eventually, I got going around 8. First I headed to the park’s namesake and watched the first rays of light touch the 130ft (40m) falls. The river is extremely interesting; a few miles upstream you will find a dry river bed, but just before the falls the millions of gallons of water spews out of an underground aquifer to fill the river.

I hiked to the PCT and began some productive miles towards Canada.

I still felt poor. 6 miles in I got fed up with this and stopped for a long break. I ate, drank and had a short nap to cover the three most common problems of fatigue.

I felt a tiny bit better so pressed on. I picked out a camp site and hoped I could get to it.

The trail is still flat at this stage, winding its way between Meadows and over a dam. I then began to climb for the first time in 3 days. The climb did get me out of the open planes and into the shade of the trees. I appreciated that.

I started to feel better.

Halfway up the climb, I met a couple of people talking on the side of the trail. One of them also felt unhealthy. Maybe something is going around? Bad water?

I went another mile and had another long break by a spring. Both people talking joined me and we pressed on up the hill again.

I felt all most 100% by this stage.
We talked for a couple of hours. One of the guys has hiked the trail before like me, so we shared comparisons of the differences from our first attempts.

After a couple of hours he dropped off and I continued with GQ. He is a software engineer from San Francisco and is the first person I met who is hiking more miles than I.
By now I felt like normal. I’m starting to think I may have been dehydrated this morning.

It turned out to be an excellent afternoon following a tough morning.
It has also been great to see Shasta getting closer each day. Tomorrow should have fantastic views!

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