Pacific Crest Trail – Day 66 (36 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 66 (36 miles)

I awake, high up on a saddle. GQ was just finishing breaking camp as I began my morning routine.

I walked along the south side of the mountain, just below the ridge line. The views of the valley were stunning.

I met GQ about a mile from camp. He was sitting there watching the sunrise over Shasta. I joined him and I’ve got to say I was impressed.

Eventually, we continued on. It turned out to be an easy mornings walk through the thick forest as we descended to the Mcloud River. It was uneventful walking which, occasionally, is a nice thing.

GQ suggested I come on his Grand Canyon Rafting trip next February. As we descended to the river he painted an excellent picture of possibilities of what the trip would be like. I have to say I’m intrigued.

We arrived at the McCloud River and had a long break and some food. I started chatting to a woman who was getting off the trail. She hiked 90% of the trail last year and had just finished the missing section. She did give us some of her left over food, which was lovely of her.

GQ and I left the river and began the long climb out of the valley. About few miles in I realised I short changed myself on water. The last couple of days and especially this morning had plentiful water sources. This section was a little dry stretch. With the climb and the weather above 100 degrees F (40C), I was sweating a fair bit. It’s 10 miles to the next water, so I might be a little dehydrated when I arrive

Arriving at the water I drank the cold mountain water. The people I passed arrived and I spoke to them as I washed the dirt from myself, cleaned my socks and watched a salamander in the stream. They both took more water than I but would have taken more if they had to do it again.

When GQ arrived we pressed on a few miles and had dinner. I don’t normally eat dinner and then hike a few more miles but it is GQ’s strategy and I thought I would give it a go.

We then had another steep 3 miles until camp. I went up very quickly to get there before dark.

We arrived at camp, and I got set up just as the sun began to set. I eat a few biscuits while watching the sun disappear and then went to sleep.

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