Pacific Crest Trail – Day 67 (25 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 67 (25 miles)

GQ and I got up early. Again he was out of camp before me and again within a couple of miles we had a spectacular view of Shasta. It is slightly annoying heading West when I want to be always travelling North, but walking around this spectacular mountain has provided some great views.

This morning we would be heading down hill all the way into town. It quickly became heavy forest as we descended. It was a nice, easy decent with about the right gradient that we could still walk.
Only a few miles from the road I stopped. Directing GQ’S gaze, I point out a bear and her cub. They quickly hear us and start crashing through the trees in the opposite direction.
We arrived at the highway. GQ would be going left for his mail into Castalla and I would be going right into Dunsmuir.

It turned out to be a hard hitch. It is hard to get onto a major highway. I look at my maps and eventually give up and start walking. I take a 2-mile trail that will lead me onto a small road into town and then it would be a 4-mile walk.

I arrive on the road and continue. Sticking my thumb out at the few local cars that pass. About 30 minutes into the road walk a car pulls over and gives me a lift into town.

I resupply at ten Dollar General in town and walk to the restaurants for some fresh food. On the way, there is met, Haymaker. He Thru Hiked the PCT in 2015 like myself and was at it again.

After a while, we parted ways and I went to the post office. Amazon / UPS did not deliver my new shoes! Dammit, my current ones are falling apart. I did, however, get a new wool t-shirt from @thunderboltsportswear! It is so nice to wear something clean.

Deciding I should hit the trail to make it to where GQ am said he would camp I tried to hitch a ride back to the trail, hoping for better luck than the way in.

I got a ride instantly from the local fire fighter.

As night approached, I finally got motivated for the only steep section of trail. I worked hard and got to camp 15 minutes after dark. GQ was not there, so I went straight to bed. Hopefully he walked a little further and I will catch him tomorrow.

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