Pacific Crest Trail – Day 68 (35 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 68 (35 miles)

At some unearthly hour I felt drops of rain hit my face. I woke up suddenly. I could see stars in the sky, where was the rain coming from?

I contemplated laying my tarp over me, but got up and set it up. As I finished the rain stopped and did not return. Go figure.

When I awoke the second time it was a more appropriate hour. I got up and onto the trail.

There was a little climb at the start and then I was up on the ridge. As per the last few days, I was treated with an amazing vantage point of Shasta.
The morning ridge walk continued for almost the entire day. It was stunning, and I was loving being back in the high country.

The trail was flat and I made excellent time in the morning. However, as the day progressed I felt unusually tired. I found a shady spot and took a nap. When I woke I felt better and continued on.

At a water source I unknowingly woke up a section hiker. It must be the day for naps. I pulled out my food bag and eat some of my precious food while we talked. Looking into the bag I think I seriously misjudged the amount of food I need for this leg. I’ll need to look into it tonight.  With an afternoon thunderstorm rolling in, I said goodbye and headed on in the hope of getting of this ridge.

Not long after I left I began to see the first signs of the storm as thunder started up in the distance.

Eventually it was right above my head and it started to rain hard. Luckily I was slightly lower and below treeline so I could continue without worrying about being struck by lightning.
The storm got worse and the temperature dropped. The heavy rain turned into penny sized hail. My umbrella did a pretty good job of protecting me from the projectiles.

Turning a corner I saw about 6 horses eating, with their riders hiding in their tents. I (or the umbrella) scared the horses into a panic. The first one bolted and the rest followed, ripping their chains out of the ground.

I felt sorry watching the owners race around in the hail after them but there was nothing i could do to help.

With the hail turning back into rain, I was worried about pushing above treeline again. I decided to take the safer option and set up camp in a sheltered spot 2 miles earlier then planned. As with last night, when I had set up my shelter the rain had stopped and the storm started to clear.
I thought about packing up and hiking to where I originally planned to camp but decided against it. I was just plain old to lazy.

Sitting in my sleeping bag I counted my remaining food. I thought I was 800 -1000 kcal short period day. However, I would give it a go making it to Siaed Valley as planned. I would be a bit hungry, but should be able to cope.

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