Pacific Crest Trail – Day 71 (27 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 71 (27 miles)

I woke up and started the 6.4 miles (11km) road walk to Siaed Valley. Left, Right and I could see the town just a few hundred yards away but had to walk around to a bridge and back.

It was kind of fun. We walked and talked. The road was lined with blackberry bushes and we often stopped and ate. Delightful berries and company.

We arrived in town and headed for the Cafe.

I ordered two meals, bacon/eggs and pancakes with blackberries. It took a while but when they arrived I eat ravenously.

I then went to collect my new shoes. I’m so glad my old ones lasted the extra 150 miles from Dunsmuir. Putting the new ones on I was amazed at how comfortable they felt and how much padding the old ones lost over their 800+ miles life.

I also got lucky and the hiker box was full with great food. I grabbed a couple of days of food and set off.

The initial climb was 6,000ft (~1.8km) and almost constant. It was also exposed. I opened my umbrella and started.

It was hot but enjoyable. I got in a groove and pushed hard.
Only a couple of miles in I needed to go to the toilet. Unfortunately, either side of the trail was covered in poison oak. Desperate, I got slightly off trail trying not to touch the plant and concluded my business. Hopefully, I don’t get a rash.

I continued climbing, reaching the top after a couple of hours a bit tired.

I stopped and had a break by a small spring. Off in the distance, I could hear another voice of someone I knew but had not seen for over a month. Spiker was having a break around the corner. I went over and said hi and we walked together for a couple of hours catching up.
He did not want to go as far as me, so I pushed on up the last hill without him.

At the top, I ran into a group of three Sisters.  They were the first people I met on this trail.
Gee, it has been a day of catching up with people!
We talked for a while and I noticed that the sun was setting. I abandoned my plans for a further 3 miles of walking and set up camp with them.

What a great day. A massive blast from the past and a huge climb.

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