Pacific Crest Trail – Day 74 (10 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 74 (10 miles)

I woke up at the hostel, got up and made breakfast.

Once my hunger was abated, I lounged around. I watched a movie, some you tube and got my journal up to date.

At 2 pm I wanted to leave and hike around 20 miles. As the time approached I did not pursue this. It was extremely hot outside, 110 degrees (42C) and I could not bring myself to hike in that weather.
I pushed it back to 4 pm and 15 miles. Again I did not leave.

I pushed it back to 6 pm and 10 miles. This time I did leave. A woman in the hostel offered to drive me out to the trail. On the way I posted my random gear I post ahead every 500 – 1000 miles.

When I got on trail the temperature was just starting to cool down for the evening. I began to climb back in to the hills from the highway and very quickly it dropped to something more pleasant.

The climb was slow and gradual. I felt great after my time off and I glided along the trail.

At about 9pm, just as the sun was setting, I arrived at a spring. I got some water and eat my dehydrated refried beans and vegetables I have sent to myself for the rest of the trail. It takes longer to cook than I was expecting. I ended up eating half crunchy vegetables that were not very nice. Hopefully, I’ll improve the process tomorrow.

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