Pacific Crest Trail – Day 79 (36 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 79 (36 miles)

I left camp just after Cola and Logs.
The mosquitos were intense this morning, as I wound my way through a sequence of tiny ponds. I sprayed some deet and walked quickly to avoid them.

As I reached the top of the climb, the trees opened out into an expance of snow capped peaks. The trail still had patchy snow on it in August!

I went to reapply the deet just before I took a break at the water source. It was gone! I left it back where I first applied it 10 miles ago. I put on some cloths that the mosquitos could not bite through and waited, hoping one of the guys behind me picked it up. I dint know how I would survive without some protection.
Cola showed up at the water without the deet. Yeah Yeah showed up a few minutes later with a present, my deet! Life saver or more accurate insanity saver…. I ended up walking with yeah yeah to shelter cove. He set an extreme pace that I had to keep pushing to keep up. It did get us there rather quickly.
At the junction to Shelter Cove, Cola comes running around the corner to catch up.

I said goodbye to them, had a quick bite to eat and pressed on north.
A couple of miles down the road I came to Willamette Pass, with a ski lodge in site. There were a lot of cars there so I thought the restaurant should be open. When I got near, I discovered that the grounds were being used for a motorcar race. I watched as the cars flew around a witches hat course in the quickest time possible. It was entertaining.

Eventually I pressed on to Rosary Lake. I sat there and thought it was the nicest lake on trail so far. Beautiful, turquoise water with a rocky bottom. Perfect for a swim.

As I was drying myself off in the sun, I listened to other Thru Hikers discuss there plans for the next day. A few of them wanted to hike a huge 40 mile day with the others not convinced that it was a good idea. It was quite entertaining.

They left and I followed shortly after. Against their plans, I found the group camped only a few hundred yards down the trail.

I climbed the hill and settled in for the 14 mile last leg to Charlton Lake. Halfway there I was tired and wanted to sit down and take a short nap, except the mosquitoes were out. I draped my bug netting over my trekking pole, crawled under and slept in peace.

When I was packing up from my nap I managed to cut the bottom of my foot slightly on a stick. I should have had shoes on.

The last couple of hours I experienced swarming mosquitos. They were crazily dense. My foot hurt from the cut but I did not want to stop and address it as that would require stopping and getting eaten alive.

The remaining miles were interesting. My foot hurt, I was tired. My brain was looking on in amusement at my predicament. It was such an odd feeling.

I arrived at the lake expecting more mosquitos but found few. How are there less of the little things near water? I could not work it out, but was not complaining.

I washed my feet and went to bed.

As the sun set, Yeah Yeah rocked up to camp, said hello and went to bed.

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