Pacific Crest Trail – Day 80 (32 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 80 (32 miles)

I woke up at Charlton Lake to a beautiful sunrise. It was a bright pink reflecting off the water, with the remainder of the clouds from the expected rain still in the air.

I was up just before Yeah Yeah, strapped my cut foot, and set off down the trail with just myself for company.

The morning was uneventful, except for the patches of mosquitos. I feel like they are diminishing this morning, and I’m hopeful that they disappear around the Three Sisters.

I run into a few sisters hiking a section of the trail together. I was having a break and they chose to stop as well and talk to me. Two of them were on their first hiking trip ever and were shocked to hear about the fire problems around Crater Lake as that is where they wanted to finish their hike.

I pressed on for another few hours and arrived at a lake for lunch. I ate and had a nap, which is coming almost a daily occurrence of late. Halfway through Yeah Yeah showed up and we hiked on together for the 11 miles to Elk Lake.

As we walked, a few Southbound Thru Hikers passed and Yeah Yeah handed them some homemade cookies as a surprise. It was incredibly nice of him. They were rather pleased.

We arrived at the Elk Lake junction. Yeah Yeah was not stopping here, so he pressed on as I headed down to the lake and my food box.

I ate an expensive burger, recharged my phone and organized the food I posted to myself. I then got back on the trail.
It was hard. Almost immediately, the opposite foot that I cut began to hurt. I guess I have been limping to reduce the pressure on the cut and it has bruised my other foot. I continued on, but the pain continued to build.
I wanted to hike another 8 miles that night but the pain became unbearable. I needed to find a camp site and stop for the day. There was a site in 0.8 miles so I pushed on.
It took a while but I got there and set up camp. I went straight to bed and elevated my feet on my pack for the night. Hopefully, it’ll be somewhat better in the morning otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe head back to Elk Lake?

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