Pacific Crest Trail – Day 82 (Zero miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 82 (Zero miles)
I woke up early, 4am, with the family dogs barking and having fun in the living room. I tried to go back to sleep to no avail. I ended up watching Almost Famous on my phone. It was an unexpected excellent movie.

I got up to Gareth putting on some bacon for breakfast. He left for a dentist appointment and I continued making eggs and waffles. It was great. I helped myself to seconds, then thirds before I was full.

Their plan for the day was to head out to a lake for some paddling. They borrowed a spare paddleboard from a friend for me and we set off to Sparks Lake. The Lake was gorgeous. Cristal clear water, lava formations all around the edges and South Sister to look up at.

I swapped for a kayak to give me feet a break and we spent a few hours exploring. I had such a great time.

We then headed to the Bend Brewing Company for a late lunch and a few drinks. Oregon has some amazing kraft beer.

The day was concluded with a 4 year olds birthday party.
It was a fantastic day, and I marveled as I went to bed at the generosity of complete strangers inviting me into their house and life for a day.

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