Pacific Crest Trail – Day 84 (37 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 84 (37 miles)

I got up and started to walk with Pocket Rocket. It was great to spend a bit more time with her, and I was able to find out how her upcoming 100-mile ultramarathon training is progressing. We had a lengthy discussion about which is more extreme ultramarathons or long-distance hiking. I suppose it come down to perspective. What do you think?

After 5 miles she turned around to get back to Portland for work. I said goodbye and continued on towards Mt Hood.
The haze today was phenomenal, with fires on either side of Hood. I was up on a ridge near the mountain and could hardly make it out. I hope it clears as we enter Washington.

I stopped for water at a spring and met a section hiker. I ended up walking with her for an hour, which was enjoyable as she was an interesting person.

I then began the climb up to Timberline Lodge. It is really the first climb in 400 miles since the start of Oregon. This state is really a conveyor belt of a trail, allowing huge miles to come constantly and easily. There are climbs, but they are so gradual that they do not tire me out.

The last section of the climb to the ski lodge was in deep sand. It was painfully slow taking one step up and slide back a bit. After almost a mile of this (more with all the sliding,) I was back on solid ground at the top of the ridge.
I didn’t go straight into the lodge but instead sat out the front for a few minutes tried to call home. Alas, I couldn’t get a hold of them so continued on. I wanted to make another 14.5 miles so I would have one less hill to climb tomorrow.

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