Pacific Crest Trail – Day 85 (36 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 85 (36 miles)

I woke up early and did not want to get out of bed. Forcing myself, I packed up and hit the trail.

The morning was cold, with a slight bit of mist in the air. There was also so much smoke in the air that I could only see a few hundred yards either side of the ridge I was walking on. I do hope this smoke clears up soon.

I continued on without a view for most of the morning. As the day progressed, the clouds did slowly disappear and allowed the sun shone through the smoke.

I filled up water at a small spring and headed off to the next spring in 6 miles. From this point, I went into my own little world and before I knew it I had walked almost a mile past the spring that I planned to get water from. Opps! I looked at my map and there was another spring in 5 miles. I can make that easier with the still cool morning, so I forgot about the missed spring and continued on.

I arrived at the spring to find a Ranger there telling me that I could go to the spring but the trail was closed because of a fire. I knew this, but it is a pity that this fire shut down the Eagle Creek section of our hike. It is a unique section with the highlight of a tunnel behind a waterfall.

As I drank water, Yeah Yeah and Cola showed up. They completed a 60-mile day not long ago and with my day off I thought that they would be far ahead of me. I was happy to see them and hiked the rest of the way into Cascade Locks with them.
I have now finished Oregon and over 2,100 miles (3400km) of the trail! Only Washington to go!

We went to the pub to celebrate. There I waited for John from @thunderboltsportswear to pick me up for a day off in Portland tomorrow. It will be great to meet the clothing system that I represent on the trail.

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