Pacific Crest Trail – Day 88 (30 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 88 (30 milesLast night I had company. A mouse tried to join me all night long. It would not let up. It never got to my food but made five holes in my food bag trying and, most annoyingly, one in my backpack.

Given the interruptions last night I slept for 45 minutes past my usual start. However, when I did finally rise and start hiking, I felt great. I was just in a great mood. A hiking mood.

The first hour or so was along the valley floor through fog covered meadows that looked remarkable in the morning light. It was on the cold side and I wish I did not put my gloves away.

I then began to climb. It was a climb that seemed to go on and on. I could always see the top of the ridge and when I got close I would turn a corner and be on a higher ridge.

This 4,000ft (3.2km) climb culminated in some really great views of the snow covered Mt Adams.

Just on the other side of the top, I stopped for an early lunch by a little spring. I opened up a packet of dried mango, saying to myself that I need to save some for tomorrow. This did not happen, but it was a delicious treat.

The rest of the day flattened out a bit with three rolling hills.
The first hill was covered in the first large section of ripe blueberries I have come across. I happily collected a few handfuls.

The second hill I met Chopper, a lady from South Caroline (or however you spell it). We talked as we hiked. It was over 5 miles but felt like less than an hour when we came to Blue Lake.
We said goodbye, she went around the lake to camp with her hiking partner and I sat down to have some food and look at this gorgeous lake with, surprisingly, a vivid blue hue to it.

In this section, I began to think and plan to finish the trail. When will I finish? What date should I book my flight?

Before I knew it, I arrived at Bear Lake. I got water and had dinner. I then needed to decide if I should push on a few more miles or stay here. I went for a swim and washed my clothes. In doing these, I pretty much made up my mind to stay, so I set up camp and went to bed.)


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