Pacific Crest Trail – Day 89 (30 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 89 (30 miles)

I packed up as quietly as I could. The couple that I had dinner with last night were not up yet.

I had a short, steep climb back up to the trail from Bear Lake. Once back on the trail, I turned around to see the sun rise above the lake. I am really lucky to have seen many a great sunrise on this trail.

It was the first cold morning in well over a month. Cold enough to keep my wind jacket on for the first couple of miles.

The morning passed quickly. I was mostly in a thick tree cover but got occasional glimpses of Mt Adams, Mt St Helens and Mt Rainer.

Eventually, a couple of southbound hikers arrive at the road. They had some service up on the ridge and called a guy in town offering rides. He would be there on 15 minutes to pick us up.

Once I got into town and buy food for the next leg. I then headed to the cafe for some food and a huckleberry shake. I eat and talk to a guy who hiked the PCT in 2015 like myself. We had opposite experiences; he finished well into October and was one of the last people to reach Canada, while I was one of the first to finish. We compared the two styles of hiking and the advantages and disadvantages of them.

I said goodbye and went out to the road to get back to the trail. This time I got a ride quickly. The lady who pulled over offered me a seat in the tray of her truck. Given how long I waited to get into town I accepted.
It was like a go kart ride as I was facing backwards as she sped along. Not really taking it easy with me in the back.
Back on solid ground, I start hiking again.

After a couple of miles, the trees clear and I get a close-up view of Adams. This continued the whole way up as of climbed onto one of its ridges.

I wish I had brought extra food so I could have summited Adams.

As the day ended, the wind started to pick up. It then got strong. I found a small spot to camp out of the wind about half a mile before where I planned. I set up my tarp to block the wind. It was challenging as I was on a rock outcropping. I did have to move a little to a slightly steeper slope than I would prefer.

I lay there listening to the wind ’til sleep took me.

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