Pacific Crest Trail – Day 92 (38 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 92 (38 miles)

I woke up very early and started walking with a headlight. I was going to meet Haley – a friend from that I met in Australia – at Snoqualmie Pass tonight and I did not want to be late.

The morning was pretty awful. I was stiff, sore and lacking energy. Three huge walking days in a row was not helping me complete this one! I begged my body for one more day and would reward it with a day off tomorrow.

I battled along, trying to massage the knots in my hips out. With nothing working, I put an audiobook on to distract myself. I have to say I did not take anything in during the morning. A unicorn could have walked past me and I might not have noticed.

I stopped at a spring and eat a lot. In fact, I’m glad I have extra food as I’ve already eaten what I would normally eat in a day. This is when I realized that I was simply experiencing a massive energy deficit from the Wonderland Trail.

I continued to eat everything and I began to feel better.

I stopped for a second lunch and eat my dinner. I then felt normal.
The landscape also improved. The trail began to show signs of granite, the valleys began to get steeper and beautiful lakes started to appear. The Northern Cascades are almost here!

I continued on towards Snoqualmie, with the trail turning into a rock maze.
I got some reception and called Mum. I spoke to her as I jumped from one rock to the next.

Eventually, I arrived at the bottom and ordered a beer and a mind bogglingly big, 20-inch pizza to split with a fellow hiker. I eat and talked to him as I waited for Haley to show up.

We discussed what has happened to each of us in the two years since we had last spent time together. We had Nachos for dinner, followed by a long soak in the hot tub and finally bed.

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