Pacific Crest Trail – Day 96 (24 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 96 (24 miles)

I got up slightly early to get into Skykomish before the post office closes. I started down the trail towards Hope Lake at a fast walk. It was the last of 5he beautiful turquoise lakes that I first started seeing yesterday.

I then climbed up over a ridge used for the Stevens Pass ski lodge and headed the last few miles down to the highway.

It was 9am when I arrived at the road. I therefore had an hour to get a ride and then walk to the post office. It should be doable.

I stuck my thumb out and hoped. It is a hard hitch as the cars are moving fast and they only have a short time to see me due to the winding mountain road.

After 20 minutes, with no one even considering pulling over, a car pulls to the side.

I get a lift down and walk to the post office. Halfway there a Thru Hiker I pass states that the post pffice is not open. I thought I would try anyway. I get there and sure enough it is closed. I could hear someone inside and knocked on the door.
I got my food box! They are closed but still hand out boxes to Thru Hikers on Saturdays.  The next mission was food. I made my way to the cafe for an omelette and pancakes. It was delicious, but I was far from full. So I went to the only other shop in town for a sandwich.
Finally full, I get a ride back to the trail and start the climb back into the mountains.

About 3 miles in there was another fantastic lake. Gee, can you beat a alpine lake? I took a short side trip to get a closer look.

When I started heading north on the PCT again I started to feel sick. I sat down and rested for half an hour and eat some food.

Feeling slightly better I began again. Shortly after I felt very dizzy. Too dizzy to walk. What is going on?? I stopped again for a few minutes. I would try and walk one last time. If I felt bad again I would set up camp for the night.

Trying again, I didn’t feel as bad.

I continued slowly up the trail and after a couple of hours passed I felt like normal again. Weird.

I eventually arrived at a camp site near the peak of a mountain. I set up camp and went straight to bed.

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