Pacific Crest Trail – Day 99 (20 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 99 (20 miles)

I woke up half under the park bench that I slept under last night. I tried to go back to sleep as I had to wait for the Stehekin Post Office to open at 10am. It did not work that well. I lay in bed for about an hour and then decided to get up.

I went to the public shower block. I charged my phone as I took a much needed shower. It was great to not feel grimy. Although within a couple of hours of being back on trail everything would be back to normal. Especially with how hot it is today; today is 105F (40C) in the mountains, in Washington! This high will continue for the rest of my hike. It is nice to have no rain, but there are so many fires at the moment and this will not help the situation!

At 10am I picked up my food resupply, but they did not have my new shoes. I stated that I received confirmation of delivery to which the post master said to look in these 5 places around town. I began my treasure hunt…. I eventually found the shoes just lying on the ground next to the dock. Go figure. However, I was so happy to be replacing my dead shoes. They had 1,050 miles on them with gaping holes that I could almost stick my foot out. If the new shoes were not here I don’t think I would have been Brave enough to continue with my old ones.

I got a ride to the local Bakery with the couple from last night, were we ate so many pastries and pie. Just as we were complaining how full our bellies were, the bus up to the trailhead swung around the corner.
I had a quick nap on the 30 minute ride to the trail. I said goodbye to the couple and was off.

My afternoon basically followed this awesome river up to its source through thick forest. I was just skirting the edge of the Northern Cascades NP, and each time I passed through a meadow I could see these glacier covered peaks to my right. It was incredible.

At camp I met a couple of older guys who ha literally done everything in mountaineering. One of them had climbed Everest, and they were the last people (over 20 years ago) to climb the north face of Mt Rainer. They offered me a beer and I listened to their incredible stories well past my bed time.

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