Sierra High Route – Day 11

Sierra High Route – Day 11

The storm arrived at 4 am.
We got a lot of snow and some bitterly cold weather. Neither of us got up or even asked the other if we were staying. We just sat and waited.

At 9 am there was a short break in the weather and we both emerged from out hideouts for a few minutes. I ended up moving my sleeping bag to Sting Beans tent and we watched a movie. It was a documentary of the K2 disaster that killed 12 climbers. Probably not the best thing to watch in a storm.

At noon the storm settled down. We talked about going on. The weather was still rough and we were a day ahead of schedule so we stayed put. We would also have had to go over 3 passes to get down to a reasonable elevation.

We did go for a short walk to explore the basin. And catch a couple of fish for dinner.

We got back to camp and cooked the fish in a fire. Mine was so skinny that I’m not sure it was worth the effort.

The storm had changed by this time. It had become fronts. The sky would open up slightly before a snow front would blow in and last for 15-30 minutes. This also caused the temperature to drop and we went to bed very early just to stay warm.

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