Sierra High Route – Day 13 (13 miles)

Sierra High Route – Day 13 (13 miles)

The last day of the SHR. And it was pretty easy.
We headed for Grouse Lake Pass. It was a small, straightforward pass except for the occasional bit of ice in the rocks.
We only had a few miles off-trail this morning. We got over the pass and were greeted with a beautiful lake. We ended up walking around the far side of the lake as we were in no rush and wanted to spend a bit more time up here.

All the ponds surrounding the lake were frozen with a suppressing thick layer of ice. Between that and the leftover snow from the storm a few days ago, it really looked like the first signs of winter was here.

After leaving the lake, we traversed through a marshy section to a very well made trail. The 6 miles of trail lead down to Kings Canyon and Roads End. This is also the end of the route.

It was an easy couple of hours down. We stopped to dry out our gear and have lunch at one point as we enjoyed the overview of the valley. It is one of the best glacially carved valleys and well worth a visit if you have the time.

As we got to the bottom I rolled my ankle again. It was just starting to heal! I limped the last few minutes to the trailhead.

We headed to the “restaurant” for a very poor burger to celebrate.

We found a campsite just up Bubbs Creek and settled down for a second meal and bed.

From here I will continue to head up Bubbs Creek tomorrow and get out over Kearsarge Pass to the eastern side of the Sierra while Sting Bean will head back to Roads End and San Francisco.

What a lovely adventure. Making miles at the start was incredibly challenging and the storm a couple of days ago changed the landscape for the better.
If you are up for a challenging off-trail route, this could be your one! I highly recommend giving it a go.

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