Sierra High Route – Day 6 (16 miles)

Sierra High Route – Day 6 (16 miles)

I got up and walked the remaining 4 miles to the resort.

String Bean was not there so I ordered breakfast. It was surprisingly reasonably priced, but turned out to be only an appetizer.

I talked to the other hikers while I waited. At 10am he and Andrea show up. We talk for a few minutes and then head over to the car to get organised.

After lunch we set off back up the 6 mile trail around the lake that I hiked this morning. This section turned into a mushroom hunt, as the were huge boletes everywhere. We collected 4 good ones before Andrea turned back to drive home. Her plan was to cut up the mushrooms and dehydrate them.

String Bean and I pushed on. We arrived at the end of the lake and began the assent up Mono Creek. We then turned onto the Mono Pass trail and then up Mills Creek.

As we climbed up Mills Creek the trail started to disappear. We would lose it and find it again, time after time. We reached a huge area of down trees from an avalanche last winter. It was so slow getting through that we climbed up and around it.
We talus hoped our way up the canyon. It was fun until we hit a large patch of bramble. We decided to head down and find the trail again.

It was getting late by this stage and we made the decision to stay in the lower valley rather than pushing up a 1,000ft (300m) ledge and not finding a nice place to sleep.

We went mushroom hunting again and found one each. To cook them we got a fire going and roasted the mushrooms on sticks. This took forever. I was waiting for them to cook so I could through one into my cous cous. It was worth the wait, Yumm!

After the last few days my body really enjoyed the slower pace.

I thought we were hiking for 7 days, but it turns out it will be 8. I may be short on food for this leg.

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