Sierra High Route – Day 7 (12 miles)

Sierra High Route – Day 7 (12 miles)

String Bean and I got up at 6. It was cold. We began the hike up the ledge 30 minutes later.

It was anither steep climb (almost the only sort on this route!) up a ledge to the upper Mills canyon. It was on a very light user generated path.

When we reached the top the temperature noticeably dropped. It went from cold to very cold. We were also surrounded by so many tents. I would not have thought that the would be 10-15 people up the valley.

We continued on up. The morning light on the pass was fantastic. As we approached, it got colder again. By this stage the ground and all the standing water was frozen.

The final approach to the pass was fairly straightforward. It was a long, fairly calm grade on talus.
Almost at the top we finally had some light land on us. We stopped for a short break and warmed up before continuing up.

We reached the top and was greeted with an easy decent past Lake Italy. We then turned up a valley, over the easy Bear Pass to the Bear Lakes.

This section was interesting. The landscape was beautiful, but the was no easy way through. We kept on trying one way and getting cliffed out, before trying another and running into another problem.

It was not quick but we got through eventually.

We stopped for a break at the end of the lakes and just before the climb to Feather Pass. I tried to catch a fish. I can spot the trout well, unfortunately only because they are always seeing me first and swimming away.

We then headed for the pass. Again it was fairly straightforward. Heading south we could see and avoid all the hard scrambling. This was a great climb, we had a very sharp ridge on out left and some interesting mountains on our right.

At the top we had to walk up the valley to a softer slop before turning around and heading down. We walked for a couple of hours down the valley. We passed a couple of lakes.

String Bean was getting tired by this stage and we went down to the next lake and set up camp. Miriam lake was great!

It was however only 4.30 and I did not know what to do with the time! SB showed me how to collect pine nuts – it is so slow! We talked and went to bed early.

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