Wonderland Trail – Day 2 (approx. 47 miles)

Wonderland Trail – Day 2 (approx. 47 miles)

I woke up at 5am, rolled over, as I did not want to get out of bed. 5 minutes later two people walked past me. People being awake so early surprised me, but it was enough to get me moving.

I felt surprisingly good after yesterday’s huge effort. The weather was also better. There was light cloud around, but I could see Mt Rainer. Yay, I can see the mountain!

The morning was surprisingly flat after yesterday. The trail stayed high for the morning and I got gorgeous views of Rainer and past so many alpine lakes.

Just before noon, I stopped for some food in a beautiful meadow. I chose this location to stop because it had everything; an open view of Rainer, an abundance of wild flowers and the densest patch of blueberries I have seen to date.

I eat handful upon handful of berries as I sat and enjoyed the view.
All of a sudden, I felt a very sharp pain in my calf. A bloody wasp or bee stung me! As I was working this out, 4 more stung me! Damn…

I scrambled to get my bag and get out of there. I ran away, but before I got too far I realized I did not grab my hiking poles. I reluctantly headed back and got stung one more time for my effort. What did I do to them; block their view of Rainer?

I passed an ultra-runner filling up some water. He then catches up to me going down into the first large valley of the day. I then overtook him going up the other side. This pattern continued for the next 20 miles. It was somewhat funny.

We ended up walking together for the last hour to the trailhead. It was interesting hearing about the ultra-runners experiences and how they so closely relate to what I go through as a fast packer.

I said goodbye to him at the trailhead and I continued down the valley as he drove home. The humidity of the day caused some great chaffing by this stage, and I waddled down the hill to the White River.
At the bottom, I sat down with some other people hiking the whole trail. They were on day 2 and were inexperienced hikers. We shared stories and they gave me some left of their excess food before I went to bed.

Another cracking day. Only 3 miles tomorrow to complete the trail.

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