Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 38 (26 miles)

Winter Appalachian Trail – Day 38 (26 miles)

I packed up camp and then started the descent down a skinny little ridgeline. On one side there was a beautiful country side and the other Cabins Cove Reservoir.
The reservoir provided water for Roanoke but made for some interesting views for myself. I would stop and take a picture only to discover a better or different view 5 minutes later.

Eventually I dropped off the ridge towards Daleville, leaving the lake behind me. Arriving in town I headed straight for the grocery store a short walk down the road. I purchased just over 5lbs (2.4kg) of high energy food to sustain the 2.5 days walking to the next town of Glasgow.

I then went to Pizza Hut to stop my current hunger. I eat as much as I could while I waited for my phone to charge.

I felt the trail calling me, so I left with my phone at 70%. After the initial climb out of the valley and back into the mountains, I spent the rest of the day going up and over small ridges. It was pleasant, easy walking as I listened to the crackling of leaves as I stepped on them.
The weather was magnificent, and definitely a candidate for the best I’ve had on this trail. It must have been around 55 with clear skies and a slightly cooling wind.
I got to the shelter that I was planning on staying at but through damm pulling up early in great weather. I decided to push on another 8 miles and do a bit of night hiking.

It was supprisingly fun. I even tried walking with my headlight off for a little while and use the half moon. I saw 4 or 5 deer without the light but turned it back on to pick my speed back up.
I eventually arrived at the shelter just after 8pm and I was a little surprised to see another person there. He woke up as I was trying to stealthy unpack. We talked for a few minutes until he drifted back to sleep.

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