Winter Appalachian Trail – Announcement

Winter Appalachian Trail – Announcement

Unfortunately I have made the decision to leave the AT for now.

I have made this decision for several reasons. The short answer is that with my snowshoes breaking, I would not be able to keep up with the @wizzsisters. This means that I would be hiking solo and, quite frankly, I am not a strong enough hiker to continue through 1-2ft of powder snow for 700 miles / 1100km (plus another 12+ inches on the way!). I can continue hiking north but without another person to share the load I will burn out even before I get to the much more challenging terrain in New Hampshire.
I am currently resting up in Philadelphia and icing my rather swollen achilles tendon that has been progressively getting worse each day that I snowshoe. After resting it for a half a week it is starting to feel better!

I am rather sad and disappointed in myself that I am aborting this adventure, yet I think that it is the right decision.

I am not 100% sure what I will go onto yet. All I know is that I will I have the whole summer of hiking adventure ahead and I’m extremely to continue the adventure. I am waiting for my achilles to heal and  most likely head to the desert for some warmer weather to hike in. The CDT is also a must do.

On a bright note, I have had an extraordinary time getting to the 1500 mile mark on the AT. The biggest highlight for me has actually been off trail. I have been constantly amazed at both the quantity and quality of the AT community; I have had the fortune to met so many wonderful and entertaining people around the trail.
This trail has also challenged me in ways that I have not dealt with before from snowshoing 200+ miles through this brutally snowy March, the week long 0F / -18C New Year Artic Blast and the profound isolation and loneliness of walking 1300 miles completely alone.

See you later Appalachian Trail. I will be back!

I encourage you to throw your support behind @wizzsisters and @hallieant as they continue their epic journey north.

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