Arizona Trail – Day 2 (32 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 2 (32 miles)

I did not get much sleep last night. The people in the camp site over stayed up to 2am drinking, laughing and singing the whole time.

Becase of last night’s party, I got hiking a little bit later then I would like at 7.30. I guess the lack of sleep caused me to not wake up at dawn. This caused a bit of a problem for the day ahead. I had 32 miles to Patagonia and only 9.5 hors to get there before the store shut. Tomorrow being Easter Sunday, I did not think it would be open, so was very keep to make it in time.

Basically I power walked all day without stopping. I also tried to run as many of the downhills as possible.

It was a challenging morning trail wise. Not only were there two hills to climb, but the trail was steep and fairly rocky in places. With my quicker pace, I had the pleasure of spending most of the morning looking at my feet.

Around lunchtime, the trail reached its highest point for the day, at around 6,000ft (2km). The trail then let up and I could coast predominantly downhill for the next 17 miles. I was also ahead of schedule and could walk most of the time.

I dropped down into a canyon with plenty of cows and some lovely riparian rocky washes. Unfortunately I screwed up today; at one point I was filling up my water and accidentally drank the unfiltered one… Lets hope I get lucky!

I continued on down the trail and saw a couple of people ahead. As I got closer I recognized one of them. It was a fellow Aussie called Drop Bear that I met on the PCT last year. She is an awesome older woman that simply loves hiking.
I pushed on with the hope I would meet her in town tomorrow morning. It was 6 miles of easy walking and then 3 miles of road walking into town.
By this stage I was totally exhausted. But I made it in time and even had 30 minutes to resupply. A pretty shitty resupply of candy, donuts, chips and cookies.

At the store I met a local named Gooch. He invited me out for dinner, and offered a shower and a hammock in his back yard. After some Mexican food, we headed back to his house. I discovered he lives next door to Free Bird. I met FB last year and he is the most prolific hiker I have ever met, and has some truly crazy stories. I listened until I could not keep my eyes open.

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