Arizona Trail – Day 5 (32 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 5 (32 miles)

I had a nice simple, uneventful day today. This was rather nice after yesterday’s conundrum.

There was only one thing out of the ordinary. I did wake up to find out that some animal had eaten my shoelaces last night. They were only a couple of feet away from my sleeping bag and I did not even know. The loose ends were missing so I retied them without the bottom 3 holes. This actually turned out to be a good thing as it was actually slightly more comfortable.

With that done, I got going on an extremely flat day. I slept right on the edge of the Santa Rita Mountains and would be crossing the 30-mile lowland to the Rincons and Saguaro National Park.

The valley I was in was close enough to Tucson for reception. I got hold of @dantimmerman , who agreed to drive a reasonable way to drop my umbrella off to me. Thanks Dan!

I met him at Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead just after I passed under I10. By this stage, I had walked 14 miles and the sun was starting to really get hot and make yesterday’s burns hurt.
I have to say I love my umbrella. From burning to a crisp yesterday to walking through the midday sun in comfort because of one item is amazing to me. An added bonus is that I also drink significantly less water.

By mid-afternoon I felt like I was wandering around aimlessly as the trail randomly zigzagged for reasons I could not work out. I was however slowly getting closer to the mountains I had been watching all day. It was one of those days that I listened to a fair chunk of an audiobook.

My first climb for the day happened just as the sun started to fall and light up the sky. As I climbed, I got great views of the impressively huge Saguaro cactus’ framing the valley and setting sun behind. It was also a good reminder that some days can be a little dull, but a highlight often manages to sneak in at some point.

I walked for a little while after dark before making camp. It was a reasonably easy day. Successful too considering I was not wearing my underwear over my arm like yesterday.

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