Arizona Trail – Day 22 (25 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 22 (25 miles)

It was very cold last night. When woke up I knew why, the storm that was predicted has started and it was snowing! It was rather light but I packed up quickly and hit the trail.

It was a weird morning on the weather front. It seemed to be just fronts of snow that would last 20-30 minutes and then pass and warm up slightly. It made me put on clothing just to get hot shortly after and take it off again.

I decided last night that I wanted to hit the turnoff to Flagstaff today, 42 miles away. I therefore pushed hard all morning and only had one 5 minute break to put peanut butter on my wraps. It was effective though and I had managed to hike 25 miles (40km) by 1pm.

By 1pm I was getting fairly hungry and thought that I would get to the top of the little hillock and take a break before the next, and by the look of it, a heavy front came in. I got to the top and there was a caravan right next to the trail. As I was pushing on to get around the corner, a person came out and started yelling at me…

What had I done?
Well it turned out to be Sequoia, a trail angle of the AzT that I met last year as I was heading south. He invited me in for some tacos and I eagerly accepted. I talked to him and hung out while I eat. By the time I finished eating it had started raining. Sequoia offered me a beer while it rained.

One thing led to another and I did not leave. So much for my first big day of the trail! Anyway, i had a great time talking the night away with him. Well after dark, and after he cooked a delicious noodle and veg stir-fry for dinner, I set up camp just outside.
It is predicted to be sub 20F tonight (-6C), and I think that there will be heavy frost with the leftover moisture in the air from the storm. It should be a fun night!

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