Continental Divide Trail – Day 20 (11 miles)

Into Cuba and my first true Nero (near zero miles) of the trail. My feet are a bit of a mess, I wanted to slow down a bit before hitting the high mountains in the San Juans and I just plain wanted a day off. I got my first rain of the trail, it was all of 5 drops, but rain in the desert is nice.

I had 5 miles or trail walking and then joined the highway into town. I made it about 30 minutes before I got sick of my feet hurting so bad. I sat down, took out my scissors and chopped a hole in each shoe. It alleviates the problems a lot more than I expected! Marvellous, I just wished I resorted to this days ago.

I ended up walking along the highway in a good mood with the pain in my feet subsided. Now they just need rest to heal the existing raw spots. It is the first foot problems I have had since I started hiking over a year ago – so overall not so bad.

The first stop in town was the first restaurant I saw, where I pigged out on beans and potatoes (as the waitress said it was the biggest meal they offered, and then a double stack of pancakes as a side order.

I then headed over to the library to right the last couple of days journals. I got utterly distracted by YouTube and this ended up taking me 3 hours to write. Oh, the veils and easy distraction of modern technology and social media.
I then walked for 20 minutes or so to Rebels Roost, a guy that offers rooms to hikers and bikers on the divide for $25. Vince was not what I was expecting, he was a 40 year old surfer, skateboarder and fixed motorbikes for a living.
After cleaning myself up, we headed into town and I bought the ingredients for some jalapenos poppers. Too many infact as I could not finish them off. Poppers for breakfast!

I then went off to bed to organize what I’m doing tomorrow and then watch a movie.
It turns out I will be able to get through before the closure. Hurrah! I just have to give up my second Nero and hike 38 miles before 8 am the day after tomorrow. Not to bad at all.

p.s The National Forest Service shut the whole park down due to the extreme fire danger. This is mainly due to a terribly low winter snowpack

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