Continental Divide Trail – Day 39 (35 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 39 (35 miles)

Today was just one of those days when then miles flowed and trail life simply came easy all day long. It was a bit on the hilly side, but the views were consistently stunning and I think that was what kept me on track. I just wanted to see what was around the next corner!

The storm that has been hanging around for a couple of days finally cleared. It did leave me with everything wet after an epic amount of condensation last night that got my quilt rather damp. I ended up having to stop for almost an hour to dry it and my tarp out in the sunshine.

I got thinking today that I don’t talk about the little things that happen throughout the day oftern enough, yet thir accumulation makes up most of my thoughts throughout the day. I almost never talk about the steam that was lifing off the branches as they dried out in the early morning sun, or the soft buds of new growth pine leaves that are a lighter green then the rest, or the vegetation smell when you walk into a forest section, or the smell of mint as I pass a small wild patch, or the crisp, clean taste of fresh spring water, or the scattered clouds with just a hint of the sun poking through.
My favorite today was two birds that kept flying away from me for 10 minute. I was walking along a fence and these little birds would fly away as I approached, unfortunately for them they flew a few yards down the the fence. So a minute later I would be too close to them again and they would fly another few yards down the fence. It only stopped when the trail finally left the fence.

The other thing is questions that come to me throughout the day. The main one of late is why on earth do deer have a white arses? Like they have fur that blends in extremely well with the surroundings, yet for some reason have a white signal flag for an arse. This evolutionary trait has befuddled me for a long time and I keep on forgetting to look up why when I’m in town.

I could go on for a long time as there are hundreds of little things throughout the day that make spending time outdoors worth it to me. Rule 32: Enjoy the little things.

Where was I?

I stopped for a second lunch by a stream to eat. Lately I’ve just been eating down through my food bag and that has provided some interesting things. Mainly I have been left with a day’s food that is exactly the same. This time it was biscuits and cookies that I will be eating for the next 24 hours.
Towards the end of the day I put on an audiobook, 7 years in Tibet. I only got an hour into it but this has been a must read book for such a long time now that I was happy to finally get the ball rolling to listening to it.
At 7pm I passed a cabin and saw medic and bourbon sitting there having dinner. I went over and cut my day short to spend time with them. It tuned out that there was 5 Australians there and only 3 from the states. We are taking over the trail!
I ate some more biscuits for dinner as I talked with them and then chose to cowboy camp away from the cabin rather then sleep in it.

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