Arizona Trail – Day 17 (26 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 17 (26 miles)

Today I have hiked over 400 miles and passed the halfway point of the Arizona Trail!

It turned out that today was just not my day. I just felt extremely tired all day and all I wanted to do is find a shady spot and sleep.

The day started off with me walking around the corner and finding 2 Thru Hikers packing up their camp. I cannot remember either of their names, but one of them had hiked a lot and I stayed there for 15 minutes swapping stories.

Their plan was to go fairly slow so I continued on alone as they lay around camp. I was also keen to get to the next water source 4 or 5 hours away.

As I walked I got progressively more tired, but I continued on towards the water. Once there I could take a nap.
I was walking through cow paddocks and dry grassland as I made my way towards the Metezals and its wilderness area. I was slightly bored, tired and still a couple of hours away from water so I put on an audiobook to distract me.

I eventually arrived at the water to find a pool in the rock. There was also 3 older guys there, one thru-hiking and the others section hiking. They were chatting away as I tried to sleep.
I eventually gave up and pressed on up into the mountains. All I could think of by this point was sleeping. Last time I walked through this range I found it very interesting and one of the nest sections of the trail, but today I did not really notice anything as I put one foot in front of the other.

I arrived at the next water source at 5.30. I expected to have hiked further but set up camp and went to bed and was asleep well before the sunset.

This was only the 2nd or 3rd time I have felt this bad in the year that I’ve been hiking now, so I cannot really complain. I’m not sure what is the cause. Hopefully, it is simply I did not sleep well next to the highway. The difference is if I was at work I probably would have gone home, but on trail I had to at least get closer to the number of miles I expected otherwise I would run out of food.

P.S. I slept for over 12 hours.

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