Arizona Trail – Day 19 (20 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 19 (20 miles)

A good and easy day today.
Last night at around 2 am the wind picked up from the calm breeze when I went to bed to a punching force. I was on the sheltered side of the mountain and still got hit. I tried a few things to block the wind but couldn’t block it further. Giving up, I thought if I’m going to be awake, I may as well walk.

As luck would have it, the wind happened to stop at that very moment! Back to sleep!

When I woke up again I began the walk into the town of Pine. It was fairly flat terrain, but the huge amount of loose rock on the trail made the going a little harder and a lot more interesting. The rock was extensive enough to prevent getting into the groove and coasting alone. It was an interesting time wandering through the heavy cattle grazed section of land, and how much damage they actually cause.

I arrived in town and ran into 2 other Thru Hikers straight away. We went to the Mexican place for lunch. Kristen is taking a leave of absence from work. While ??? it taking a whole year of to travel, and this is just a small part of his overall adventure.

Then we went off to find accommodation. My shoes are absolutely destroyed, with not only gaping holes but the shank poking through the bottom. My new pair were meant to show up today, but their progress left me thinking they will be a day late.

I could not afford even the cheapest accom in town, so decided to head back to the trail if my shoes were delayed. It was nice of the others to invite me in to their cabin to charge my phone and have a shower.

We spent the afternoon talking, and just a few minutes before 5 my phone beeped saying my shoes arrived!

I said goodbye, bought 3 and a bit days of food from the rather small grocery store (a high proportion of which was their steeply discount donuts!) and walked the mile to the brewery when my shoes awaited.

I had one beer, changed shoes and walked another mile to the trailhead. It was dark by this time and I set up camp and feel asleep.

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