Arizona Trail – Day 23 (22 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 23 (22 miles)

It sure was a cold night last night, but my system handled it like a champ and I slept like a log. However, my sleeping bag was rather wet from condensation. When I fully woke up I realised that my bag was half we and half frozen.

The upside to this was the beautiful frost that was everywhere. Combine this with a lovely, yet subtle sunrise and the morning was stunning. Unfortunately, all my photos could not pick up the majesty of this morning…

The downside is the inch of mud that my feet were picking up as I walked. It not only weighs my shoes down but also makes the bottom of my feet a changeable, uneven surface. Luckily for me that it dried out way faster than I expected and around 10 am this problem disappeared.

I continued on and the day became stunning for hiking; slightly cool with a few clouds overhead, yet sunny and bright after the storm yesterday. I walked hard as I was keen to get into Flagstaff that I was planning to be in first thing this morning.

Eventually, I dropped down into Sandy Canyon on the outskirts of town and started to see all the day hikers out for a Saturday stroll.

When I reached the highway I was lucky enough to be picked up by Melody, a truly special trail angel. We went back to her house where I met Tim, her husband. We hung out the rest of the afternoon talking. They’re a retired couple that opens up their house to a few hikers each season.

For dinner, they served up completely homemade pizza. Yum!

It is so nice to sleep in a bed tonight.

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