Arizona Trail – Day 24 (0 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 24 (0 miles)

A day sort of off trail and a relaxing day.

I woke up at dawn, my body has become so accustomed to it that it does it even with the blinds closed. Frustrating! However, this was compensated with Tim cooking scrambled eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast.

I hung out for the morning catching up on chores and watching a movie. In the afternoon I helped Melody cache water for her section hike of the trail this coming week. As we were driving along a particular rough dirt road a mountain lion walked across the road right in front of us. I saw my second mountain lion of the trail! Hopefully, I don’t see another up close. But what surprised me was seeing it near the outskirts of Flagstaff and its 70,000 people.

I had homemade curry for dinner and then spent an hour catching up on this blog before bed.

What a lovely day off!

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