Arizona Trail – Day 25 (32 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 25 (32 miles)

I woke up at Tim and Melody’s house, had a scrumptious omelette made by Tim and then headed to the trail with Melody. I had such a great time relaxing at their place! What amazing people.

We headed to the trail near Sandy Canyon. I would have to re-hike around 6 miles of trail but Melody needed to cache a few gallons of water for her upcoming section hike and I could help carry it to her desired location. Carrying 8 pounds (4kg) of water in my hand was a bit more effort than my muscle(less) t-rex like arms were used to!

I then said goodbye and made my way down Sany Canyon to Walnut Canyon, which is a National Monument. Here I took an alternative and stayed down in the canyon rather than following the ridge of the AzT.
This turned out to be a mistake.
The openness of Sandy Canyon and the beginning of Walnut changed into dense, sharp and thorny plants that I had to push through. My mind changed from enjoying the steep walls to limiting the blood loss of all the micro cuts I was receiving. A little over exaggerated? Yep, but it was not particularly fun.

Halfway through the tiny, overgrown user trail became almost non-existent. I saw a potential class 3 scramble out of the canyon to the safety of the ponderosa pines and the AzT. It was actually rather fun getting out of the canyon.

On the top, I continued with the normal trail around Flagstaff. It was not really the best as I spent half of the time walking near the train line. However, watching the San Francisco mountains getting ever closer was the highlight.
I also needed to pick up the pace after the late start and the slow alternative, so I power walked for the rest of the day.

I crossed a road and was looking for a place to camp when a 4×4 driver pulled up and inquired about the trail, and also asked if I wanted a lift into town. Even though I was in town this morning, I accepted. I had a small leak in my Platypus water bottle and thought I would take the opportunity of being near a big city to replace it at REI.

I ended up staying at the motel in town.

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