Arizona Trail – Day 26 (?? miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 26 (?? miles)

An extremely lazy day today. My intention was to get to REI as soon as it opened and then get back out to the trail for a fullish day of hiking, but I just did not get moving. Instead, I did not get out of my hostel bed until checkout time and then hung around the common room watching movies.
Thinking about it now as I lay in bed, I suspect it might be partly mental. Last time I hiked this section I picked up an injured foot. This injury took me 4 days to recover by sitting on a couch. I’ve also decided not to finish the Hayduke after the AzT. I don’t want to start the CDT mentally fatigued. Instead, I’ll be hiking the Grand Canyon section of the Hayduke (if I can get a permit) and then head across to Zion for some sightseeing.

I did achieve something small, I got the required info of a few good alternative routes for my upcoming CDT hike; Wind River High Route, Pfiffner Traverse and The Grand Teton Highline Trail and Colorado Trail. If I can squeeze in even a part of these, this summer will be absolutely fantastic, but maybe a little exhausting.

@clean_sweep and I worked out how on earth we could get to the trailhead in the middle of nowhere with the shuttle fully booked. It looks like a 25-mile walk from the highway!

It was 3.30 before I made my way to the trail by bus and 5 pm before I was on trail and walking. It was a lovely stroll through the pine trees. On this section I saw so many people out for an after-work ride, Flagstaff is an epic pls place to live.

I walked until the last of the light left the sky at 7.30 and then lay down my bedding to sleep. The plateau has to be some of the best camping around? First, it is desert, with so many clear nights and no bugs, cowboy camping is my go-to style. Second, it is so flat that there are endless campsite options. And last, the Ponderosa forest creates a soft, warm layer of pine duff to sleep on.

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