Arizona Trail – Day 27 (31 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 27 (31 miles)
I woke up in the lovely pine forest around Mt Humphry. I got going a little later than usual, but the morning walk was fantastic. It was predominantly ponderosa with quite a few aspen groves. The only unfortunate thing was the aspens still don’t know that spring has arrived and therefore they are leafless.
When I was lying in bed last night I was planning to climb the extra 3,000ft to the top of Humphry, but I realized that I had no idea where water was and I did not have enough with me. I will hike to the top after I finish the trail as I’m making my way to New Mexico and the start of the CDT.

The good times and easy walking through the pines ended and it opened up to these huge meadows with Humphry snowcapped in the background. Unfortunately, this marked the start of the long dirt road walk that will last for 40-odd miles. It is not all that bad, but it is this huge open desert with very little mental stimulus. Aka, I was expecting to get bored.
I stuck my headphones in fairly soon and listened to an audiobook for the rest of the day.
I did have a cool (?) water source experience… I walked up to this huge metal tank that was full to the brim with water. It actually looked rather good, with no algae. However, as I was just filtering a dead bat floated past! I got to see a bat, just not in the way I would prefer.

Anyway, I had to get water from this source as it was 20 odd miles until the next. I found a stick and flicked the little fella out of the water. It was not rotten or mouldy, so maybe it died last night?

I pushed on along the long dirt road and camped just off to the side of it. As I was setting up camp, the sky lit up into the best sunset that I have seen so far on this trail. It was marvellous.

I guess that I picked the nearby cows favourite spot to spend their nights? They kept on coming up to the area without noticing me, see me in the dark and freak out. It was hilarious, but I hope it won’t continue all night.

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