Arizona Trail – Day 35 (67 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 35 (67 miles)

I finished the Arizona Trail!

So I ended up walking for 24 hours with a couple of 30 minute naps in the middle, but I arrived at the State Line Campground at sunrise. Fatigued as hell, I crashed in the corner of the camp ground.

This marks the end of my second AzT hike and I think it was even better than the first one! The alternative routes that I took were the highlight, along with @squarepantshikes bobcat incident.

I would like to thank everyone I met along the way and have helped me out or just shared the experience with. You all are part of why I love long distance hiking.

What is next? I snuck in 4 days in Zion NP before finishing this trail (that I will be posting next to maintain continuity) and then on the 11th I start the Continental Divide Trail.

I have not spoken about them in a while, but a special thanks to @thunderboltsportswear. They have been providing me with some fantastic clothing since I started this epic adventure and their stuff has been fantastic. I have been using their marino shirt and alpaca socks during the summer and added their signature soft shell pants for my winter AT hike. The shirt and socks are as good as any other brand but with the added bonus that they are made in Oregon. Their pants are pretty damn good though. They blocked the wind, shed the snow and helped keep me warm even when the temp dipped to -5F (-20C), and after 1500 miles the only wear is one loose thread. They are expensive, but if you are looking for something at the top of the market, these could be for you.

I would also like to thank @atom_packs for the use of an awesome pack and @zpacks.

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