Continental Divide Trail – Day 12 (35 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 12 (35 miles)

I felt fairly good after a big day yesterday and got going heading down off of the mountain. It was steep with a lot of down logs.
I tried to run down the trail. It was 5 minutes in when I tripped on a rock and hit the ground hard. I had no idea what happened as I bounced and rolled down 8ft from the rock. I just lay on the trail for a few minutes as I contemplated what the hell happened.

I realized that I was actually uninjured, picked myself up and continued to run down. Near the bottom I turned a corner and there was a person, Patches.

We ended up walking for the next couple of hours and talked. She was a lecture at Harvard, gave up in that life and is now hiking. She had an interview perspective on everything.

When she stopped for a break I continued on. I had a good day for the remainder. The majority of it was climbing up to Magnus Fire Lookout. When I got there talking to Pat, the lookout, a fire exploded south of us. It was interesting seeing him in action.

After a few minutes I realized how close it was to the CDT. It would not affect me but the people behind me will face a trail closure without any knowledge or phone reception. Add in a lack of water and it will be interesting.

I left him and hit the trail aiming for the water in 10 miles. Pat mention a few hikers were planning to camp there. It was a great water source but provided no hikers. With another hour of light left I was bored sitting around so decided to walk another couple of miles.

It worked out great pushing on. I found a great campsite out of the wind and in a sandy wash.

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