Continental Divide Trail – Day 13 (15 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 13 (15 miles)

I woke up just before 5 but turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. I was planning to spend the day in town after I arrived and was in no hurry.

I woke up when the sun hit me, and decided to eat breakfast in bed. A “Sunday” start to the day?

When my granola/chocolate milk breakfast was over, I walked out of the wash and onto the gravel road. To Pie Town!

It was dead flat and in no time I was bored. I turned to something I have not really done on trail and listened to a few podcasts. When I hit an interesting episode (?), time would pass quickly. The most relevant was of the history of Billy The Kid, who was from Silver City (a town I walked through a little over a week ago). Finally, I arrived in town and headed to the only restaurant open in town for some food. I eat my mains and then ordered a blueberry/blackberry pie with ice cream. I felt obligated as the town was named from their renowned pie, and it did hit the spot.

I had mailed my food and a few other items to the restaurant. My new shoes, new socks and new backpack were there but no food… This could be interesting with no grocery store in town.

Mulling over what I would do, I headed over to the Toaster House – a weird and wonderful place that is left open to hikers and bikers when a resident of the town moved house yet did not sell this one.

I was surprised to see 5 other Thru Hikers there, with another 3 showing up before nightfall. There are hikers out there, I just never see them!

Anyway, I had a great afternoon talking to and getting to know them all. There was Prickly Pear, BK and Rick, a group I met in Lordsburg the day before I started. Ice Man, who is absolutely crushing miles and averaging over 35 a day. Radar, one of the CDT’s best-known figures. Z and Slingshot, hiking paps of Clean Sweep. And many more.

I had a blast!
There was also a huge hiker box of food, so I would live. Even if it was eating poptarts and ramen noodles until my next town stop.

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