Continental Divide Trail – Day 18 (38 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 18 (38 miles)

I felt shit yesterday, today after a long sleep I felt great. It is amazing what wonders a night’s sleep can produce.

I was up and walking around 6.30. Surprisingly, it was flat country and I wanted to make up some of the miles that I lost yesterday when I went to bed early.

After 30 minutes I filled up water from a cattle trough and met a Great Divide bikepacker there. He was on an epic ride from the most southern point of the North American Continent all the way to the most northern road in Alaska. Cool journey!

When I was at the trough I blew up my mattress to find the bloody hole. It was easy to spot and I dried it off and put some Tenacious Tape over it to seal the leak. Seriously, that tape is phenomenal.

I looked at my water bottle and mused – I had about 300mL of water left and was 12 miles to the next source. Should I?? I could do it but it would not be comfortable. I decided to go to the next water source!
Let the adventure begin!

If felt great until about 5 miles (8km) to go. It was about this time that I felt fairly dehydrated. I drank about half of the water I had from the last source and continued walking. My lips were parched and starting to crack and my mind started to think about water constantly.
With 3 miles to go I brought out my secret weapon, a huge downhill run all the way to water! I started running but it was a little too rocky for that so I had to content myself with walking fast.

A dragon could have walked past me at this point and I would not have noticed. I was totally focused on reaching water.

I got there!

With extra water to continue the rehydration process, I walked on for another couple of hours. This was a great section of trail that I hope is equally good tomorrow. I dropped of the dirt road and into to huge wash for a short time and then climbed onto a mesa and began walking along the edge of the cliff. The whole thing was a throwback to Utah, with rock spires poking out of the flat desert in every direction.

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