Continental Divide Trail – Day 26 (2 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 26 (2 miles)

I woke up listening to the birds. I lay in bed as long as I could until the sun hitting me turned my sleeping bag into a sauna. I, therefore, packed up and wandered down to the highway to hitch into town. I was surprised at the difference in trail quality now that I am in Colorado. Yesterday I climbed over 100 down trees and today they were almost all cut off the trail.

I arrived at the highway to no cars. It took over an hour for the first car in my direction to show up! And it drove past me without even slowing. I settled in for a very long wait.

2 minutes later a car came around the corner and pulled over. That was unexpected. There was a car in the trailhead parking lot and he thought that it broken down and he was surprised when I explained that it was not mine and I was walking.

I travelled back over to New Mexico and the town of Chama. I first headed to a restaurant for breakfast and then off to the post office to pick up two important packages. Unfortunately, my Colorado gear did not show up and returned to my friend looking after my gear. Most importantly it had a warm jacket to replace my old synthetic that has almost no insulation left. I may be cold for the next week…

The second package was an ounce of goose down for my quilt. My quilt is showing its age and I rang @Enlightenedequipment to purchase a little bit to replace the lost loft in order to see me through to the end of the trail. They were great and express posted me some. I ended up opening up a seam on the side and shoving it all in before hand stitching it back up. I then spent a painful hour pushing the down through the bag to correctly position it.

After picking up my down I walked 30 minutes to the other side of town to the only grocery store and a cheap motel. At the motel I found so many hikers hanging out, more hikers than I have seen for the rest of the trail combined.

I ended up hanging with them for the rest of the day, meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces.
Physically I feel fantastic and don’t need the day off, but I find it refreshing mentally to step away from the trail once in a while.

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