Continental Divide Trail – Day 28 (25 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 28 (25 miles)

Today started out with 5 trips to the bathroom before dawn. My stomach troubles continued all morning with trips to the bathroom almost on the hour like clockwork.

As the afternoon progressed it slowly eased up to the point that it appears to have stopped. I have no idea what caused it, maybe it is as simple as food poisoning (positive thoughts)… and hopefully, it has not just stopped because I have not really eaten.

Surprisingly, I felt ok. Maybe more exactly, ok considering the mess. It was unfortunate that I could not keep any food down until a few crackers late in the afternoon. With no energy in, I felt more and more lethargic as the day went on. Add in the fact that I have had 2 poor nights of sleep in a row (snoring and then up to go to the toilet) and high elevation – Well, let’s just say that I had to battle for every mile today.

I had so few bad or sick days in the 12 month period up to starting the CDT, but it seems this trail is throwing the kitchen sink at me. Hopefully, I feel as good as new tomorrow.

On other news, the San Juans have even less snow than I expected. There are only small pockets left, with the longest I had to cross maybe 100 yards in length. I was glad there was some snow around as it did come in handy as toilet paper.

Even better, most of the snow has consolidated and I can just walk on top of it. This did lead to me faceplanting the snow. I was sliding down on my shoes when I hit a rotten patch that caused me to post hole to my thigh. It left me laughing as I was sprawled face down in the snow and momentarily confused as to what just happened.

The scenery grew more impressive as the day progresses. It started with me wandering atop these wide, grassy ridges, and ended with me sleeping in a beautiful canyon with snow speckling the high rocky ridge.

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