Continental Divide Trail – Day 30 (2 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 30 (2 miles)

I felt a lot better this morning. The virus had gone. What remained was the fatigue of not eating while still walking 50 miles (80km). As I was packing up, the rancher that was angry at me yesterday came up with a banana to apologise. He also invited me to his cabin for breakfast.

I walked the 30 minutes to his place and was greeted with bacon and eggs. We chatted for a few hours and they invited me to stay for the night and also take me into town to see a doctor.

At the doctor’s practice, I found out I did indeed have norovirus. Which is the best possible thing now that I have recovered as it was completely over. Yay! I hope I don’t get it again… ever… Back at the ranch, I found out why they were so protective of their property. They were an extremely rich family and had spent just under $500,000 to restore the river when the purchased the property. kudos to them!

We went over to a different outdoor cabin for the afternoon and dinner. Here they brought out all the toys. We went fly fishing for an hour, trap shooting and I even had a shot with a pistol. This was the first time I have ever touched one and was rather nervous. I did hit 4 bullseyes out of 12 shots from 15 paces.

I then said goodbye to the family. They headed back to the cabin and I stayed there in the spare room, with the softest bed I have ever slept on.

Today was unexpected and great. An added bonus was that I felt almost normal.

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