Continental Divide Trail – Day 37 (21 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 37 (21 miles)

I woke up in the cabin after the best sleep I have had in such a long time. It is interesting how much more notice I give to the little things such as sleep now compared to normal life.
Clean Sweep and I hung around for a few hours until the library opened. I went off to the there and CS went to the restaurant. I have been in desperate need of completing some much-needed chores that I have forgotten to do in the last few towns.

I also ended up helping an older couple scan their tax returns before leaving as they could not figure out the printer. It was then time to hitch and who would show up but this older couple. Perfect timing!

It was raining steadily now. The remains of the east coast cyclone will be our friend for the next couple of days. It is predicted to dump an inch today, snow overnight and a couple of inches tomorrow. It will also be in the high 30s (5C), so a little cold.

I actually had a fun day. Sometimes a storm can shake things up a bit and throw a bit of excitement into a trail. I had my 2 favourite pieces of gear on; my wind shirt and poncho. This combo has treated me well and kept me warm for so many miles now.

CS and I pushed hard for the first 3 hours of hiking. It was partly to stay warm and also we wanted to get below treeline that started 20 miles in.

The heavy rain dropped off a little as the day progressed, and tuned into patchy showers. We also ran into Z and Slingshot sitting under a tree to have a break.

We walked together for a little while and took a short break in between rain showers. It was great to catch up with them.

Once we got going again we all seemed to spread out at our own paces. This was mainly everyone pushing hard enough to keep warm. Or at least this is my philosophy as it allows me to continue without resorting to additional layers that would just get wet anyway.

We ended up camping below treeline, although it was certainly not my first choice. I claimed a spot that was reasonably protected and had warm pine duff, but I had to sacrifice a flat surface.

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