Continental Divide Trail – Day 40 to 42 (11 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 40 to 42 (11 miles)

I spent the morning walking the 11 miles to monarch pass a the highway. It was one of the best mornings for vistas so far on the trail. As once I climbed up out of the valley that the cabin was located in, I had endless views in ever direction of exposed.roxk peaks.

I spent most of the morning talking to an English couple. They are one of the few people that I could talk about hiking and climbing in Europe with. They have done a lot of stuff over there and even added a few places to my rather long To Do list.

I knew we were getting close to the highway as, with an hour still to go, we had over 30 mountain bikes come up the trail and pass us. The joys of being near trailheads… When we got to the highway, I started to hitch left and they hitches right. They we’re going to the normal resupply town of Selida, while I had to go back to Lake City, well over 100 miles away, to pick up my down jacket and other gear I sent to myself that did not arrive in time. Yay! A whole day hitching.

However, it turned out to fairly easy to get back.

I did decide to stay for a few days and take a mini break. The first night I stayed at the local hostel and then I met a local couple at the pizza shop and they invited me back to their place for the following day.
I mainly spent my time relaxing next to the river and reading a book. But I also went to the library and completed some chorse and wrote a couple of articles about hiking for when I get around to organising a website.

I then hitched back around to monarch pass to begin heading north against.

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